Measure and capture acoustics and vibrations with our solutions for Australian & New Zealand industries.

VibroLaser ScanSet

The VibroLaser ScanSet simply upgrades an existing single-point laser vibrometer to a fully equipped scanning laser vibrometer system. It is shipped with a Data Acquisition with 4 analog input channels to measuser-friendly measurement and analysis software quickly processes the vibrations data, graphical display and animations. It has next to the high precision laser deflection unit a CCD-Camera for photo realistic capture of the measurement object.

  • Works with all available SinglePoint Laser
  • Existing/Old SinglePoint Laser can be reused
  • Pricing is typically half of an available scanning systems on the market
  • Hightech Innovation Made in Germany

Visit the Maul Theet website, where you can view more information about their extensive product range.

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Acoustic Camera

gfai tech’s acoustic camera was the first commercially viable system using beamforming to visually localise acoustic emissions. Brought to the market in 2001 as a pioneer technology, the acoustic camera has become a metaphor for beamforming systems.

The benefits of acoustic cameras are straightforward: Noise sources are visualized, quality problems are detected and development times are reduced.

The fields of application are as various as the world of sound and range from measurements in the open field, acoustic labs to the use in automation engineering.

The cameras have been successfully used for:

  • noise reduction
  • sound analysis and monitoring
  • quality control
  • service and maintenance

Visit the gfai tech website, where you can view more information about their extensive product range.